You do a lot of crazy things for your cause.
Managing your social media doesn't need to be a clown show. 


Whether you're saving the rainforests, advocating for human rights, or improving global healthcare, staying actively engaged with your audience is essential to your mission.

But in your line of work you're wearing 100 hats at once. And crafting your social media presence (not to mention staying on top of industry trends and changes) just isn't at the top of the pile. 

So here you are again, taking precious time away from that big project you're working on to comb through blogs and news sites looking for something (anything!) to post today.

 And in the back of your head you're wondering,

"Am I supposed to post at 8am or was it 5pm? Are hashtags a thing on Facebook, or is that just Twitter? Am I wasting my money if I boost this post?" 

Sound familiar?

Let's get your social media on track so you can focus on your cause. Learn more about me, explore my services, and drop me a line to get started.  

p.s. Don't leave without downloading my free Social Media for Nonprofits Cheatsheet. It's got tips, tricks, and my favorite (free!) social media management tools.


About Me

Hi, I'm Elizabeth. I help nonprofits craft an authentic social media presence that serves to further their impact. I can't wait to tell the world about the amazing work you're doing. 

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Whether you're looking to outsource your social media management and get it off your plate or just get the coaching and strategy you need to do it well in house, I've got you covered. And all for a fraction of the cost of hiring on a staff member.

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