Doing Your First Facebook Live Video for Your Nonprofit

by Elizabeth Moreno

By now you've probably seen Facebook Live videos on your newsfeed, but have you posted one to your nonprofit's page yet? Live videos can be a great way to connect with your audience in an authentic, personal way.  

So what exactly is a Facebook Live Video? It's a real-time video post on Facebook. One of the cool features of Facebook Live is that your followers will be notified when you go Live so they can tune in as it's happening. As you broadcast, you'll see the number of live viewers and a real-time stream of comments! And once you finish your video, it will remain on your Page's Timeline. 

How to Broadcast a Facebook Live Video on Your Page

You'll need to be in Facebook Pages Manager in order to stream live video to your page. 

1. Go to your page in Facebook Pages Manager
2. Click Post to create a new post
3. Click "Go Live"
4. Add a description for your video
5. Click "Go Live"

When you're done broadcasting click "Finish." Try clicking through these steps before you broadcast just to be sure you know where to access what you need beforehand. 

 10 Tips for a Great Facebook Live

  1. Schedule your live video beforehand so your audience can sign up for reminders to tune in. Instructions for setting this up can be found here. 
  2. It's a good idea to keep your video on the longer side as people won't all tune in at the same time. Facebook recommends your live videos should be 5-20 minutes long. Max time is 90 minutes. 
  3. If you're on mobile, the microphone works best in "selfie" mode. Try recording a couple of seconds of video beforehand so you can test the sound/lighting. 
  4. Get a buddy! Doing your video with a friend/coworker/board member/volunteer can be a great way to keep the banter going and will be easier than just talking to the screen by yourself. Consider dividing up responsibilities—one of you can keep the conversation on track while the other can be keeping an eye out for comments and questions. 
  5. If you're running a fundraising campaign, you can add a "Donate" button directly to your video! Instructions for setting this up can be found here. 
  6. Be sure to introduce yourself and what you're talking about a few times during the broadcast because people will be tuning in at different times. i.e. "If you're just tuning in, I'm _______ and right now we're live at ________"
  7. Don't worry if only a few people tune in while you're live as the video will remain on your page for people to watch later. 
  8. Keep an eye on the comments section and who is joining you. Say hello and answer questions during the broadcast. i.e. "Hey Matt, thanks for tuning in!" or "Katie asks, how can we volunteer? Good question..." Encourage comments and other feedback.
  9. Jot down a list of points you want to cover beforehand. You don't need to script your video, but knowing where you're going is helpful. 
  10. End your video with a CALL TO ACTION. Remind your audience why they watched your video and what you want them to do next (whether it's donate, share, volunteer, or attend an event, etc.)

And the #1 thing to remember for your first Facebook Live? RELAX. Don't worry about your video being perfect, because it won't be! You'll probably fumble over your words. Technical difficulties might happen (they happen to the best of us!) Just remember—people value authenticity. They're not tuning in for a polished production. They're looking for a real peek behind the scenes of what your organization is all about.

In the next post I'll be sharing ideas and examples of what to broadcast on Facebook Live. Like The Social Care Company's Facebook page below to stay tuned!

Have you done a Facebook Live video for your nonprofit yet? How did it go? What's holding you back? What tips would you give? Let us know in the comments!