Elizabeth Moreno

Social Media Manager

I help nonprofits craft An authentic social media presence that serves to further their impact in the world.

I worked in the nonprofit field for nearly a decade, from the Pacific Northwest to East Africa and Southeast Asia. I've worn a lot of different hats. A few of my favorites have been:

  • Helping a group of nuns run a school for teenage mothers in post-conflict Northern Uganda
  • Designing and building low-cost, recycled playgrounds around the world 
  • Working with an eco-cooperative to build a house from recycled plastic bottles
  • Co-writing a research report on the importance of play for healthy child development

And, of course, my work in the nonprofit field also included many unglamorous, boring hours spent answering client service emails, troubleshooting website bugs, and editing, editing, editing, editing, and more editing.

Through it all, I've experienced first-hand the challenges nonprofits face as they seek to balance carrying out their mission with keeping their supporters engaged and informed. And all with limited staff and a shoe-string budget.

I've seen too many nonprofits fail to reap the benefits of social media because they're just too busy and overworked to make it a priority. I created the Social Care Company to help nonprofits utilize the power of social media to find their tribe of supporters and tell their stories of impact well. I love helping organization think critically about their marketing goals to drill down to how they can use social media to carry out their mission. Because ultimately, using social media shouldn't be a popularity contest or a numbers game, but a medium through which to further your work.

I've worked with nonprofits to refine their social media goals, reach new clients, grow their audience, and build meaningful engagement. Outsourcing social media is a practical solution for nonprofits because it allows them entrust their social media to a dedicated specialist who can stay on top of industry changes and trends without the cost of hiring on a full-time staff member.

I'm a continuous learner and I thrive when I can really "nerd-out" on niche topics. So whether your nonprofit works in reforestation or  refugee resettlement—you can be sure your feed won't be filled with generic, reposted content made for many clients at once. It will be a curated collection of valuable, engaging, and relevant content that is tailored to your target audience. Because this depth of work takes time, I choose to only work with a select amount of clients at once, so I’m able to provide agency service without the agency price.

If it sounds like we might be a good fit to work together, drop me a line below and we'll set up a time to chat. I look forward to meeting you!

Marcus Veerman, CEO of  Playground Ideas    

Marcus Veerman, CEO of Playground Ideas


“Since working with Elizabeth, our Facebook audience has grown from a few hundred followers to 20,000+. Even more important than the numbers is the meaningful engagement of our followers. Elizabeth has worked with us to craft a social media strategy that resonates with our audience and provides valuable content—attracting passionate champions of our cause that are ready and willing to advocate for our work.”

Wanna work together? Drop me a line and I'll be in touch shortly!

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